The Design and Construction
of Library Ladders

Cost Savings and Customization: Although every Library Ladder produced by Alaco is custom crafted to specific needs and applications, the use of common features and components provides design flexibility and both cost savings and construction efficiency.

Basic Styles: Alaco Library Ladders are offered in two basic designs: Straight, for use in most applications, or Bent, when needed to clear bookshelves, desks, cabinets or other room elements.

Alaco also makes a freestanding Library Ladder, with a standing platform and special handrails. Ideal for shorter bookshelves and cabinets, Moveable Library Ladders make a nice addition to any room's decor, and the aluminum version is a useful tool in the garage or stockroom.

Safe and Sound: Alaco Wood Library Ladders are assembled with steel rods and plated steel braces for maximum comfort and strength. Each ladder incorporates a blind mounted grab bar on the top rung and a reinforced, oversize bottom step for additional strength and safety.

Alaco's expertise derived from decades of experience in the design and construction of aluminum ladders for heavy carries over to the construction of Aluminum Library Ladders. Alaco Aluminum Library Ladders are the best possible combination of safety, strength and design for a ladder that can make a design statement or serve utilitarian functions - or both.

Many Options: Aluminum Library Ladders may be ordered in mill-finished aluminum, for a tech look - or finished with environmentally-friendly powdercoat finish for full, rich lasting color.

Rolling Library Ladders feature non-marking rubber cushioned wheels for quiet, easy travel on either carpet or hard floors.

Because each Library Ladder is the product of a custom mix of a wide range of options, the final Library Ladder will be ideal for your application.

Questions: For questions, more information about, or assistance with Alaco Library Ladders, please contact Alaco at 888-310-7040 or by email.