Rolling Ladder Finish Options

Although every Library Ladder we produce is custom crafted to specific needs and conditions, they all share common features and components, for flexibility in design and efficiency in construction. (See the Library Ladder Estimate/Order Form for a complete listing of options and accessories.)


Our Library Ladders are available in an attractive range of quality hardwoods, with your choice of finishes. The tapered side rails and beveled steps are assembled with steel rods and plated steel braces for maximum comfort and strength. Every ladder incorporates a blind mounted grab bar on the top rung and a reinforced, oversize bottom step for additional strength and safety.

Our ladders come in two basic designs: Straight, for most applications, or Bent, to clear bookshelves, cabinets or desks. The upper roller assembly, with solid steel rollers on hidden slides, allows our ladders to be used on uneven floors or folded against the wall, for extra clearance when not in use. A special Hook Fixture can also be installed in place of rollers, if you want to be able to move your ladder completely off the track for storage or extra space. Ladders can also be ordered with flush or extended handrails for added comfort and safety.

Once you have decided what style of Library Ladder you want, you can choose from a number of finishes for the hardware, to complement or contrast with your ladder.

Track and Brackets

ALACO Library Ladders can be installed to accommodate all kinds of interior conditions. Different brackets are available for securing the track to bookshelves and cabinets. Track is constructed of sturdy steel tubing and is available in a variety of metal finishes. Special curved corner tracks can be used for ladders that travel from wall to wall or completely around a room.

Wheelcase Assembly

The bottom wheelcase assembly for all Library Ladders Ladders features non-marking rubber cushion wheels, for easy travel on carpet or hard floors, enclosed in heavy metal castings. They come with a designer pattern or as solid casings, with the same wide range of available finishes. (See the Library Ladder Estimate/Order Form for a complete listing of options and accessories.)

Moveable Library Ladder

ALACO also makes a Library Ladder, with a standing platform and special handrails. These ladders are ideal for shorter bookshelves and cabinets, and make a nice addition to any room's decor. They are also a useful tool in the garage or stockroom.

Hardware Finishes

A wide range of metallic and enamel finishes is available for the hardware on your ladder. This includes the upper roller assembly, wheel housing, brackets, braces, bolts and if ordered – the handrails and metal track. Click here to download a PDF file of the available finishes.

Earth-Friendly Powder Coat Finishes

Included in the finishes offered are environmentally friendly, attractive and durable powder coat finishes. Power coating produces no VOCs or heavy metals and is extremely energy-efficient in production.

Each finish is applied using top quality thermoset powder coatings to provide the maximum durability and protection from scratching, corrosion and sunlight.

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